- Design of automated process lines, construction of plants, machines and equipment for food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industry or the needs of inhouse manufacture.

- Development and manufacture of new machines and equipment in cooperation with clients.

Automation and Refurbishment

Automation of plants and refurbishment of existing plants and equipment.


• Mixer (French - Mélangeur)

Mixer is a machine foreseen to operate in small capacity plants intended for manufacture of chocolate liquor and chocolate-based products, as well as for manufacture of special kinds of chocolates.

Mixer is also used for manufacture of other confectionery masses made of dry powdery and fatty raw materials such as fatty chocolate desert fillings and waffle products (custards and semi-products).

Machine description:

Mixer is made of a rotating decanter with the granite bottom and two massive rotating dough rollers.

Thanks to their own weight, dough rollers adhere to the bottom that slowly rotates them.

The clearance between rollers and the bottom is adjustable to achieve the required thickness of the paste layer made of processed ingredients.

The machine is equipped with cleaners and guides that scrape the mass from the decanter and rollers and guide it between the decanter bottom and rollers.

The finished mass is guided from the mixer by a screw transporter.

• Mixers

Mixer is used for making various types of creams that have a fat share above 30 %. It is suitable for mixing waffle product creams. The cream mixing procedure is extremely fast – it lasts for only a few minutes.

Feed materials are being dosed to mixer through a batch process and after just a few minutes the cream is homogenised and ready to use. The cream is automatically poured out from the mixer with the compressed air.

The mixer is a double wall machine apt for the temperature regime control, while maintenance of the target temperature results in an aimed cream consistency.

• Fat plasticiser

Fat plasticisers are used for transformation of fat from the solid form (fat blocks) to the “plastic” form suitable for transportation and further making and kneading of the dough.

A fat plasticiser system consists of a block cutter, double walled heated pipeline, plasticiser and plasticised fat tank. The fat block cutter cuts the blocks of fat conditioned to the ambient temperature into pieces to make it easier for the fat plasticiser to process it to the plastic phase. The fat is then transported to the tank by a pump where another pump and the double walled pipeline wait for it to transport it to dough mixers. Such a system enables maintenance of the fat quality regarding its viscosity and the temperature resulting in a stabile quality of the dough kneading. The temperature of the double walled pipeline, block cutters and plasticisers is regulated automatically.

• Cocoa paste preparation machine

Cocoa paste preparation machine is a double walled vessel with a mixer under pressure.

The preparation machine has a mixer connected to an electric motor. Its double walls are steam heated. The cocoa paste is pumped up from an auxiliary tank into the cocoa paste preparation machine that mixes and heats it, then it adds the needed amount of potash or water and processes it for a predetermined amount of time. Then the preparation machine closes and switches the vacuum on to process the cocoa paste for another predetermined time period. The plant is fully automatic and PLC controlled.

Cocoa paste preparation equipment
• Fat melting device

Fat melting device is a vessel with a grid and a cover heated by the steam or hot water.

It is used to melt fat blocks or cocoa butter; it transforms the solid-state fat into the liquid state.

Fat blocks have to be placed on the grid heated by the steam or hot water. Fat or butter are melting and dripping to the bottom from where they are transported to the collection tank by the pump placed on the fat melting device bottom.

Fat melting machine has the sufficient amount of contact surfaces for an optimum heat transfer. Fat melting machine is insulated in such a manner that it does not emit any heat outwards.

Fat melting device
• Waffle pastry production plant

Waffle pastry production plant represents a complete solution for making waffle dough for waffle products. It is fully automatic and PLC controlled. It can even memorise your recipes.

The plant consists of flour reception tanks with a mixer and probes for signalling the minimum and maximum quantity of flour, balance integrated mixers for dough kneading (mixers are integrated into measuring cells), flour screw conveyors, fat tanks (double walled heated and insulated tanks), tanks for salt and sodium solutions, tanks for dough storing with sieves, pumps and automatic water dispenser.

Mixing and kneading are key processes for dough making. Mixers make homogenous dough in a very short time.

Waffle pastry production plant
• Automated confectionery plant

The confectionery (caramel) product plant consists of a pre-cooker, cooker, vacuum cooker and rotary cooker. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and can have various capacities. The complete process is PLC controlled enabling endless manufacture of confectionery mass.

Automated confectionery plant
• Concha

Concha is a machine used for manufacture of mixing chocolate and forming of chocolate mass. Modern conchas are heated and covered vessels comprising large, multi-armed mixer shafts that press the chocolate to the vessel wall. Conching is a critical procedure since it has a great influence to the chocolate quality. There are two main conching targets: improvement of chocolate consistency and taste. The main conching function is simultaneous removal of undesired tastes and keeping of wished flavours. Conching is the decisive step in creation of the typical chocolate taste. As chocolate mass is coming over a five-roll refiner, it is being transformed into dry flaked powder. With the increase of the temperature and energy within the concha, the fluffy powder stars to disintegrate and relieve fat creating a pasty mass. The relieved fat wrap sugar particles increasing gradually the chocolate flow. Rotary mixing blades inside the concha mix, knead, move the mass torsionally and spread it, pushing the air through it assuring its perfectly homogenised texture. All the residual humidity and unwished flavours evaporate during that phase. All the wished flavour components are created through a close contact of sugar, powdered milk and cocoa mass.

We manufacture various types of batch process type conchas of various capacities with one, two or three shafts resulting in maximum energy efficiency and improved conching productivity.

• Conveyors and conveyor belts

- Manufacture of inclined, horizontal, curve, spiral and screw conveyors including elevators and accumulation tables. Conveyors and conveyor belts intended for various purposes, bulk materials, products of various sizes and designs, bottles, packages, etc.

Conveyors and conveyor belts
Conveyors and conveyor belts
Conveyors and conveyor belts
Conveyors and conveyor belts
• Pressure equipment

Design and manufacture of pressure vessels intended for food and general processing industry complying with European Directive PED 2014/68/EU make just a part of our production programme. We are holders of a metal structure manufacturing certificate complying with the requirements of EN ISO 3834-2 Welding Quality Assurance Standard. All design and manufacture documentation is completely made inhouse in accordance with PED Directive requirements, while documentation complying with EN 13445-3 and ASME VIII Div. 1 requirements is made on demand.

- Tanks with mixers

- Balance tanks

- Heated / cooled tanks

- Manufacture of tubular heat exchangers

Pressure equipment
Pressure equipment
Pressure equipment
Pressure equipment
Pressure equipment
• Atmospheric storage tanks

- CIP systems

- Tanks with mixers

- Balance tanks

- Mobile tank solutions

- Manufacture of storage tanks for various purposes

- Deaerators

• Tubular pasteurizers
Tubular pasteurizers
• Clean room

- Manufacture of rooms assuring operation of the equipment under the controlled conditions.

Clean room
• Barley malt producing machines
Barley malt producing machines
Barley malt producing machines
• Pedestals / supporting metal structures

- Manufacture of pedestals and supporting metal structures for processing plants and equipment as well as for other purposes.


- Dismantle and assembly of complete production lines, steel structures or individual self-standing machines and equipment.

- Manufacture of products /semi products on the basis of the delivered documentation.

- Manufacture of technological and power pipelines.

- Welding – applying certified welding procedures.

- Orbital welding.

- Glass bead blasting.


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About us

TOMO VARGA Ltd. is a company founded in 1994 when our development started on the basis of a respectable working experience of our employees obtained in “Jedinstvo Zagreb” Factory.

Being an experienced expert team from the very initiation, we continued to work under new circumstances as a permanent contracted cooperant for manufacture and assembly of “Pecon” Company and very soon we started to work completely independently in the area of preventive and corrective maintenance of plants and equipment for food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Nowadays, after 25 years of successful operation, the Company operates in the market exclusively as an independent manufacturer and service provider with an extensive network of suppliers and subcontractors from various industrial branches.

Investing permanently into our expert team we consider to be our biggest value, TOMO VARGA Ltd. tends to be a company experts would like to work for and continue their training and skilling pursuant the needs and expectations of the market.

Engineering creativity in the synergy with manufacturing and assembly know-how represent a great added value of the Company resulting in a high quality of performed works, as well as reliability and fulfilment of contracted terms and conditions.

To provide our business partners with high quality product and services, TOMO VARGA Ltd. has incorporated an Integrated Quality Management System into its business as follows: Quality Management System pursuant HRN EN ISO 9001:2015 Standard, Health and Safety at Work Management pursuant HRN ISO 45001:2018, Welding Quality Requirement System pursuant HRN EN ISO 3834-2, and EX Certificate for maintenance of mechanical equipment in various explosion danger zones.

Basic data:

Complete Company name: TOMO VARGA Ltd. for trade, manufacture and assembly of plants and equipment

Abbreviated Company name: TOMO VARGA Ltd.

Headquarters: Zagreb, Crnojezerska 20; Separated Production Facility: Ravnice 4, 49 210 Zabok

The Company is registered in the Court Register of the: Commercial Court of Zagreb, under the registered number: 080269749

PIN: 55300952447

Subscribed initial capital: 22 300,00 KN completely paid

Management Board Member: Tomo Varga

Account open with ZAGREBAČKA BANKA d.d., Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 10, HR-10000 Zagreb

IBAN HR61 2360000 1102168756


2014 Entrepreneur and Craftmanship Promotion Programme Grants

The Business Improvement Program was successfully completed in October, 2015 with the acquisition of new equipment and implementation of the quality management system.
We acquired new manufacturing equipment including::
- Hydraulic scissors for metal sheet cutting,
- CNC hydraulic press brake,
- Metal sheet bending machine / shell forming machine or so called roller plate bending machine
- Continuous and circumferential TIG and PLASMA welding machine,
A Quality Management System was implemented within the Project as well:
EN ISO 14 000:2008 (Environmental Management) and EN ISO 22 000 (Food Safety Management)
We were supported by the Croatian Agency for Small and Medium Entrepreneurship, Innovations and Investments established by the Government of the Republic of Croatia based on the “2014 Entrepreneurship’s Impulse”, the Program for Promotion of Entrepreneurship.


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Our expert team is available to all our business partners 7/24 365 days per year, for all technical questions and solutions.

In case of an urgency, a team of our expert and trained specialists will arrive to the site as soon as possible to repair any failure.

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